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Past Light

No matter how deep into space you may flee, your troubles will find you.

Putting his career and his marriage at risk, the space pilot hatches a plan that could land him in jail for thirty years. After finding a habitable world, he is halfway to success, but he sees something on the planet surface that ruins everything—a human face. The improbable vision disappears quickly. Confused and disoriented, he loses his way back to his ship.

In the following months, the surveyor finds himself in a struggle for survival against an unforgiving environment, and as hard as he looks, he never sees any sign of other humans. His extreme isolation causes unwanted memories of his troubled youth to come alive, blurring the past with the present. Doubting his sanity, he must solve the mystery of his missing ship.

No One Named Tim

They’re just stories, so why are they causing so much pain?

Tim is an African American student from the city who transfers into the predominantly white suburban high school for sophomore year. He would like nothing more than to disappear into one of his stories. Then Tim meets Joan who drags him into the real world, but friendship with her has a brutal price. Chaz—Joan’s tall, handsome, athletic and very jealous boyfriend—makes it his special mission to turn Tim’s life upside down.

High school troubles become the conflicts for Tim’s stories. In the world of his imagination, Joan transforms into “Princess Joan” and must confront rogue wolves, giant cats, deadly dragons, evil sorcerers, murderous tyrants and the end of humanity. Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t follow Tim’s storylines. Chaz finds the stories in Joan’s binder and decides to punch Tim in the face. This dispute upsets the precarious balance of friendships. If Tim is to fight back, he’ll have to do it with the only weapons at his command: a pencil and a notebook.