Short Stories

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Sometime Wherever

This story originally appeared in the August 2018 edition of “FrostFire Worlds.”

Joan, daughter of the elf king, brings a rare guest into the kingdom, but Tim the Wood Sprite unwittingly possesses a chaotic and dangerous type of magic. Forgetting their caution, the elves become addicted to Tim’s innocent abilities as he grants their repeated wishes for more wealth and power. Their greed turns deadly and threatens to ruin the entire kingdom. It is up to Joan to put things right. “Sometime Wherever” playfully explores the danger of wielding power without wisdom.

Desert Rat

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Desert wastelands have covered the Earth, and nothing is ever as easy as it should be. The youngest member of the team of roving opportunists is sent out to barter his mechanical talents to a stranded cargo transport. Unfortunately, a rival gang is also interested in whatever the transport carries, but they have no intention of making deals. “Desert Rat” highlights the importance of trying to salvage something of value from every wreck life delivers.